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About us

The European Learning Community (ELC) stands as a bastion of excellence, unwaveringly committed to the meticulous Certification and Endorsement of Coaching, Mentoring, and Training Programs on a Global Scale, all while upholding the highest standards of quality. Rooted in our mission to confer credibility upon these professions and provide a vital platform for professionals to connect and thrive, ELC endeavors to establish the gold standard for excellence in these critical fields.



Our Vision is resolute: to ascend as the foremost authority in Mentoring, Coaching, and Training, serving as the undisputed beacon for individuals, organizations, and communities in search of unparalleled programs and practitioners that prioritize quality above all else. Through our exacting Certification Protocols and steadfast dedication to quality assurance, we are poised to elevate the benchmarks of Coaching, Mentoring, and Training not only throughout Europe but across the Globe. Join us in our noble quest to shape the trajectory of Mentoring, Coaching, and Training, effecting positive change in individuals and societies worldwide.



In 2023, the European Learning Community underwent a transformative evolution, broadening our scope of expertise and reaffirming our steadfast commitment to serving professionals, their clientele, and society at large. This strategic pivot underscores our unwavering Vision of Coaching, Mentoring, and Training as indispensable pillars of a thriving and prosperous society, upheld by unwavering quality standards.




A Professional Coach is dedicated to supporting individuals in a process of personal and professional development. The coach works with their clients, so that they can achieve their goals, improve their performance, and develop their full potential.



A Mentor is an experienced professional who provides guidance, support, and knowledge in a professional or personal setting. Mentors leverage their expertise and background to empower the development, as a trusted advisor and helping Clients navigate challenges and achieve their goals.



A Professional Trainer is a skilled facilitator who imparts specific knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to a group of learners in a business or professional setting. Trainers utilize instructional design principles and various training methods to deliver content, assess learner understanding, and ensure the effective transfer of learned skills to the real life.

Accreditation Categories

Gain a competitive edge: Stand out as a trusted expert in your field.



Lay a solid groundwork by grasping fundamental principles and techniques, pivotal for embarking on personal and professional growth journeys with confidence.

Years of practice: 1

Client Hours: 40

Number Of Clients: 5

Professional Training: 15 hours

Continuing education: 5 hours per year

Supervision: 1 every 3 months



Apply foundational skills adeptly across various fields or endeavors, fostering tangible progress and achievement in alignment with individual aspirations.

Years of practice: 3

Client Hours: 80

Number Of Clients: 10

Professional Training: 25 hours

Continuing education: 10 hours per year

Supervision: 2 every 3 months



Navigate through complex challenges with seasoned expertise, employing advanced strategies to guide transformative change and achieve significant milestones.

Years of practice: 6

Client Hours: 250

Number Of Clients: 20

Professional Training: 40 hours

Continuing education: 15 hours per year

Supervision: 1 hour every 10 hours of practice every 3 months


Epitomize mastery, inspiring and empowering others to soar to unprecedented heights of success through exemplary leadership and unparalleled expertise.

Years of practice: 10

Client Hours: 500

Number Of Clients: 40

Professional Training: 50 hours

Continuing education: 20 hours per year

Supervision: 1 hour every 25 hours of practice every 3 months



The European Learning Community (ELC) is dedicated to establishing a robust framework for ethical coaching, mentoring, and training practices. Rooted in a clearly defined philosophy and stringent ethical standards, all ELC members pledge their commitment to adherence. The ELC Code of Ethics delineates ethical standards of conduct and fundamental principles of professional coaching, mentoring, and training, guiding all ELC members and credentialed coaches.

Central to the ELC Code of Ethics is a steadfast commitment to promoting professional coaching, mentoring and training practices and enhancing awareness of the integrity and ethical conduct inherent in ELC professional methodologies. Through adherence to these ethical principles, professionals uphold standards of professionalism and integrity within the profession.

The ELC Code of Ethics serves as a cornerstone for guiding ethical conduct and decision-making, ensuring consistency with the core values of the European Learning Community. By adjudicating professional standards, it preserves professionalism and integrity within the profession.

Purpose of the ELC Code of Ethics: The ELC Code of Ethics embodies the core values of the European Learning Community and delineates ethical standards for all ELC professionals. By understanding and applying these principles, professionals uphold professionalism and ethical conduct, fostering trust in client interactions.

The ELC Code of Ethics outlines four fundamental responsibilities:

The ELC Code of Ethics guides ethical behavior among ELC Coaches, Mentors and Trainers, ensuring integrity and competence in their practice. Adherence to these principles underscores a commitment to excellence and integrity within the coaching profession.

Responsibility to their Clients

Coaches, mentors and trainers ensure clients understand the value of their relationship and establish transparent agreements. Upholding confidentiality and managing conflicts maintains trust.

Responsibility to their Profession

Coaches adhere to the ELC Code of Ethics, committing to professional development.

Responsibility to their Professional Practice and Performance

Coaches, mentors and trainers ensure clients understand the value of their relationship and establish transparent agreements. Upholding confidentiality and managing conflicts maintains trust.

Responsibility to the Whole System

Coaches, mentors and trainers contribute positively, avoid discrimination, and uphold scientific standards.



The European Learning Community (ELC) is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in coaching, mentoring, and training practices. Our Code of Ethics serves as a guide for all members, ensuring professionalism, integrity, and excellence in their interactions with clients, colleagues, and the community at large.

ELC Core Values and Ethical Principles:


We conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency, and accountability in all our interactions.


We honor the dignity, diversity, and autonomy of every individual, treating them with courtesy and fairness.


We empower our clients and mentees to make informed decisions, take ownership of their growth journey, and achieve their full potential.


We strive for excellence in our practice, maintaining competence, confidentiality, and adherence to professional standards.

As members of the European Learning Community, we pledge to uphold the principles and standards outlined in this Code of Ethics. We recognize our responsibility to act ethically, professionally, and with integrity, striving to make a positive impact on individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide.

Stories and Experiences.

«Belonging to ELC has been a transformative journey for me as a Coach. It has not only elevated my credibility but also enhanced my confidence in my Coaching abilities. Being part of a community that looks after the quality of our practice has provided me with invaluable networking opportunities and a platform to thrive professionally. ELC truly sets high standards for our profession.»

Ana María R, , Barcelona

Transition Coach, Spain

«As a Business Mentor, I cannot emphasize enough the profound impact of being associated with ELC. Their dedication ensures that professionals like myself are equipped with the highest level of expertise and credibility. ELC’s commitment to excellence is palpable in every interaction and resource they provide. Belonging to this association has not only expanded my professional network but also empowered me to continuously strive for excellence in my practice.»

Franz M

Business Mentor and Coach, Vienna, Austria

«Joining ELC as a Coach has been one of the best decisions of my career. Their mission resonates deeply with me. ELC has not only validated my skills but also provided me with a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to making a difference. Being part of ELC has opened doors to opportunities for growth and collaboration.»

Juan Carlos RG

Executive Coach, Lima, Peru

Membership Categories


While many individuals may claim the title of Coach, Mentor and/or Trainer it is essential to recognize the distinction held by a credentialed professional. The ELC accredited members and professionals have undergone rigorous education and experience criteria, showcasing a comprehensive grasp of the relevant professional competencies that establish the criteria for each profession. Moreover, they uphold rigorous ethical standards, aligning with ELC commitment to safeguarding and advocating for consumers.

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